Saturday, 10 November 2018

Marple Area Committee 7th November 2018

The Civic Society will no longer take notes at Marple Area Committee for our website. This is because, after asking for a review on the way the Area Committee is conducted, and how it engages with local residents, some welcome changes have been made:

1. The Area Committee is now streamed live and a webcast is available for 6 months following the meeting. You can watch the whole webcast or select specific sections by following the link HERE

2. There is greater opportunity for resident participation at the Area Committee meetings. Details are given in the agenda which is released one week before the meeting.

3. Email updates of local issues and public realm works can be requested from the Democratic Officer /Secretary Stephen Fox 
To be added to the email list contact:  

Civic Society committee members will aim to watch live streams of the meeting and attend meetings to ask questions and when subjects of importance to our civic committee work are being discussed. We will report on relevent issues.
We also aim to improve our communication within committee and make greater use of our democratic process through Area Committee. This will be the responsibility of all committee members rather than a dedicated team as before.

The civic society submitted two questions to Councillors at Marple Area Committee on the 7th November: 

Q. 1 - Re the future of Marple Swimming Baths                 Link to the questions HERE                     
Stockport Council has commissioned a review and appraisal of potential sites to relocate the swimming Baths in Marple.
Marple Memorial Park is included in the list of sites for consideration. There is considerable public support for integrated community facilities in Memorial Park. Further updates will be provided through Marple Area Committee

Q.2. Re an update on town Centre Work  
        Link to the questioin HERE
There is a hiatus in the Stockport Council and Atkins' project to improve the town centre. Cllr Blair said he would refer this to Director of Place, Carolyn Simpson, for an answer. We also asked about the SMBC District Centre Project, led by Paul Richards. Councillor Blair asked for Mr Richards to be invited to the December Area Committee meeting to explain the project and what it means for Marple.

A further two questions were asked about the speed bumps on Windlehurst Road. Cllr Blair reported that there were no plans to remove any of the speed bumps already installed.
The highways engineer stated there was a funding issue for the last section of speed humps to be implemented, from Broadhurst Bridge to Hawk Green. Cllr Blair reported that the Area Committee had not received any information of funding problems and it was Area Committee's intention that installation would go ahead as soon as the council could make that happen. Link to the questions HERE

Planning Application DC/065826 92-94 Church Lane (Albert School site)
The application for demolition of existing buildings and develoopment of 360sq meter retail space and 20 two bed apartments was recommended by the planning officer to grant.
The 6 councillors had many concerns about the development. The application must go to Planning & Highways Committee (P&H) for a decision but Area Committee recommended a site visit by P&H and a recommendation to refuse on the following grounds:
1. Heritage issue 2. Inadequate proximity distances to neighbouring houses 3. Lack of adequate parking space

It is noted that Albert School was the only heritage nomination refused by SMBC for local listing. Over a hundred heritage buildings were locally listed giving them protection under planning law.

Listen to the whole or part of the webcast HERE

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Marple Wharf Housing Development Application 'on hold' again...

The Marple Wharf planning application will not come to the November Marple Area Committee Meeting for determination.

It is astonishing that the Marple Wharf application, yet again, has been put 'on hold' - As the application was submitted in September 2017 we are flabbergasted to learn that it is not on the agenda for November when all the signs were that it would be.

We do know that CRT and H20 have constantly struggled to make the application acceptable to the planning officers, heritage officers and highways officers due to overdevelopment of the site. We can only assume that their efforts have been in vain but fail to see what else they can tweak to make it acceptable without reducing the density of the development. 

We will continue to monitor the situation and publish any news when we have it. 

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework 2nd draft delayed

The second draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF - the development plan of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)) has been delayed for the second time. Official population estimates have fallen which could mean that less households will be needed in the GMSF plan.

                                        Key points from the latest GMSF news release:

- The Government intend to apply a new formula to housing growth
- The GMCA seek urgent clarity from government on housing figures
- The second draft plan will be put before each council and local ward councillors will have a      say on it
 - The public will be fully involved

Greater Manchester's lead for housing, homeslessness and infrastructure, Paul Dennett, said"For the GMSF to be a success we have to ensure that the Greater Manchester public are fully involved in this process"  - this is good news and something the Civic Society will be monitoring carefully.

Read the full news release HERE

Monday, 8 October 2018

Social Evening Thursday 11th October 2018

The society's annual social and speaker evening will take place this Thursday - everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a member of the society to attend. Doors open 7.15pm

                       Topic: Why Become a Councillor? (at the age of 19?)
                       Speaker: Councillor Thomas Dowse
                       Venue: Marple Library 11th October 7.30 - 9.30pm
                       Refreshsments from 7.15 - complimentary glass of wine and nibbles

We have had councillors to speak at previous speaker meetings: Cllr Wright, Cllr Bispham, Cllr Baker. But the reason for asking Cllr Dowse to speak at this years social evening is because of his (young) age.

Cllr Tom Dowse - Marple South and High Lane
Many people tell us we need to attract younger people to the society but they don't tell us how to do it! So what attracts young people to want to make a difference, have a say and influence where they live? Perhaps Tom Dowse will have some answers as he became a councillor at just 19 years of age. He has taken on an enormous responsibility. So what led him along this path when still in full time education at Manchester University? Come along to what promises to be a fascinating insight into what drives young people into areas normally reserved for, shall we say, the more mature!

This is an open meeting, free of charge, and all are welcome - you don't have to be a member to join us at 7.15pm for a glass of wine and nibbles - we look forward to seeing you.

Next year we hope to find a group of 'younger' people to start a new and fresh section of the society and run it their way, perhaps with facebook and other social media and maybe meet in the local pub after school or work. We know younger people care passionately about Marple - so, if this idea floats your boat, please get in touch - if it doesn't, definitely get in touch and tell us what will.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Committee Meeting Minutes 25th September 2018

Committee Meeting minutes for 25th september 2018 can be viewed HERE

Friday, 28 September 2018

Marple Area Committee Meeting 26th September 2018

A report on the Marple Area Committee meeting that took place on 26th September 2018 can be viewed HERE

Future Marple Area Committee Dates

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