Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Marple Area Committee Meeting 12th April 2017

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting that took place on the 12th April 2017 can be viewed HERE

The meeting was webcast over the internet as will future MAC meetings.  This means that future meetings can be viewed live as they happen.  Following transmission webcasts are archived in the council's webcast library for viewing at a later date.
Follow the link below to view live webcasts and click on "library" to viewe archived webcasts.

Future Marple Area Committee Dates:

14th June 2017 (re-arranged from 7th June)
12th July 2017
9th August 2017
27th September 2017
8th November 2017
13th December 2017
31st January 2018
7th March 2018
18th April 2018

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Marple Neighbourhood Forum News: April 2017

Marple Neighbourhood Forum April 2017 News can be viewed HERE.

The Forum have planned a series of meetings to meet and obtain feedback from residents.  Future meetings include:

Saturday 6th May from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m - Temporary stall in Market Street to meet people face to face and discuss their views.   
Saturday 20th May at 10.00am - Open meeting at the United Reformed Church on Hibbert Lane.  Everyone welcome.  
The first Thursday of every month, starting at 5.00pm - Management Committee Meetings where questions can be put to the Forum members.

Further information can be found on the Forum website HERE

Sunday, 2 April 2017

AGM and Speaker Meeting March 2017

The society's 55th AGM took place on Tuesday 28th March 2017 in Marple Library.

Chairman Gillian Postill reported a busy year for the society and referred attendees to the Trustee's report for a summary of the society's activity throughout the year.

Chairman, President and Treasurer of Marple Civic Society
Her report focused on two key issues: Marple Wharf and the Town Centre. A planning application is imminent for the former and there are problems with the latter of lack of information and engagement by the council regarding the town centre, despite having a Neighbourhood Plan Forum in place. She concluded her report by thanking committee members and non committee members for all their hard work over the last twelve months in keeping the show on the road and achieving so much with so little!

Treasurer, Gordon Johnson, made the accounts available at the meeting. He explained that the civic society had banked for the Neighbourhood Plan Forum until they had set up as a constituted body and were in a position to open an account for themselves. The 'Reserved' column showed a number of items received on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum during this period and then the transfer of monies to the Neighbourhood Forum and a refund of unused Locality grant. Accounts show £2,500 available for the year ahead. The treasurer thanked Mr Chourbaji for examining and agreeing the accounts this year and for agreeing to continue this role for the next year. 

The election of officers and committee members was followed by an excellent presentation by Ben Murray, from Civic Voice. 

It is the fourth year that we have had a Civic Voice member or officer to talk at our AGM and Ben, just 23 years old, was well placed to talk about engaging youger people in civic work. A thoughtful and interesting debate followed with many questions from the floor. We thanked Ben for coming to Marple to talk at our AGM with his colleague Amber-Louise Palmer. The meeting closed at 5.00pm 

Ben Murray from Civic Voice -
the national Civic Movement for England

Minutes of the meeting can be found HERE

The society's accounts for the year ending 31st December 2016 can be viewed HERE

For a summary of the society's work see the trustees report HERE

The chairman's report can be viewed HERE

More photos HERE

All photos Arthur Procter