Friday, 13 November 2015

Report on Marple Area Committee Meeting 11th November 2015

A report on the Marple Area Committee meeting that took place on 11th November 2015 can be viewed HERE

Future Marple Area Committee Meetings

16th December 2015
10th February 2016      

16th March 2016        
20th April 2016           
8th June 2016               
13th July 2016            
10th August 2016         
28th September 2016   
9th November 2016     
14th December 2016    
8th February 2017 
15th March 2017
19th April 2017  

All meetings at 6.00 pm

Thursday, 5 November 2015

ASDA parking signage and parking charge notices

Despite several representations over several months to ASDA, the parking notices have not been amended to reflect the covenant that allows free parking on the site after 7 o'clock in the evening and after closing hours at weekends. Last night the civic society was contacted by the manager of the Regent Cinema and two Marple residents who had each received a parking charge notice despite entering the car park after 7.00pm. We understand there are others.

It was great news to hear from Alan Jones, ASDA Senior Property Communications Manager, today to say that not only will all tickets be cancelled but the signage will be amended to reflect the 7.00pm free parking agreement and the fact that one can leave the site whilst parking there.                                         

If anyone else has been issued with a parking charge notice please let us know, email: -  If you have paid the charge you will be entitled to a refund.                

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Marple Area Committee - Extraordinary Meeting

Marple Area Committee held an  extraordinary meeting on 28th October 2015 dedicated to hearing from groups and residents in the Marple community.  Issues raised and discussed would inform future discussions at Area Committee meetings.  

The meeting was in response to a question from Marple Civic Society in June on how the committee could increase resident's participation.  
Cllr Ingham

Following a short introduction from MAC chairman Cllr. Ingham the meeting heard presentations from Paul Lawrence (SMBC Director of Place), The SMBC Community safety Unit and the neighbourhood police team.  Whilst interesting the presentations bore little relevance to the purpose of the meeting.  We understood that the meeting was called to hear issues raised by residents not to be told how safe Marple is or to be lectured on the dangers of neighbourhood Planning! 

Resident Participation

Part two of the meeting was, however, much more useful and productive.  The meeting was divided into 7 breakout groups who discussed issues around how future MAC meeting could be organised (procedures) and issues that residents felt should be discussed (issues).  Each table presented their findings which were admirably summarised by Steve Fox of Democratic Services. 

The findings will be discussed by councillors and officers over the next 6 to 8 weeks and proposals presented at a future MAC meeting.  

We look forward to receiving
from SMBC a summary of the meeting, in particular the procedures and issues raised, commitments and timescales agreed.