Friday, 20 December 2013

Season's Greetings

                                                                                                        Photo: thanks to Arthur Procter

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Chadwick Street Development Update

Further to the public questions asked at the Area Committee on 11th December 2013 concerning the Chadwick Street development, the Corporate Director for Place Management and Regeneration has provided a response and confirms that:

  • It is not possible to say when the development is planned to start. For this to be possible an end user will need to be contracted and for this to be possible, the relocation of the Royal Mail will need to be agreed. This remains the subject of detailed negotiations.
  • In respect to the request that any negotiations on the sale of the Chadwick Street site be concluded as quickly as possible - it is the intention for a report to be submitted to the council's Executive in February.
  • Serious consideration will be given to the future of Marple town centre in all negotiations.
  • In respect to the request that the long term importance of the site to Marple will be weighed against a short term financial gain to the Council - it is not a question of short term financial gain to the Council, the key issue is the optimum means of delivering the site.
  • In response to the suggestion that a proactive Town Centre First policy which has been applied so far in Marple should be maintained - the answer is yes. That is the council's adopted planning policy (as well as national policy) and there is no question of changing it.
The Civic Society supported the planning application for the Chadwick Street Development as a means of regenerating Marple provided that wider public realm and traffic management issues are addressed by an independant study as part of the scheme, to make Marple not just a car friendly place but a people friendly place too. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Marple Area Committee Report 11th December 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting on 11th December 2013 can be viewed here

Questions were asked by the Civic Society and by David Hoyle about progress with the proposed foodstore on the site of Chadwick street car park.  The full text of the Civic Society's question can be viewed here and our report of the response here

A member of the Civic Society attends the monthly Marple Area Committee meetings where issues relating to Marple are discussed and important decisions are made.

There is also an opportunity for the public to ask questions of our elected representatives (councillors) and all questions, issues, discussions and decisions are minuted as part of the democratic process.

For past reports see "Marple Area Committee Reports" under NEWS ITEMS

Dates of future Marple Area Committee meetings:

Wednesday 5 February 2014
Wednesday 12 March 2014
Wednesday 16 April 2014 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes 26th November 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes for 26th November 2013 can be viewed here

Friday, 29 November 2013

Lobbying Bill Update

The government has agreed a six week delay in debating the Lobbying Bill in the House of Lords to allow further consultation.

This follows pressure from the Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement chaired by former Bishop of Oxford Lord Harries, the NCVO and other leading charities.

NCVO has prepared a briefing document setting out proposals to amend the bill to to reduce the potentially damaging impact it will have on charities.  We have written to NCVO to support their proposals.

The NCVO document can be read in full here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Marple Area Committee Report 6th November 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting on the 6th November 2013 can be viewed here

For past reports see 'Marple Area Committee Reports' under NEWS ITEMS
A member of the Civic Society attends the monthly Marple Area Committee meetings where issues relating to Marple are discussed and important decisions are made.

There is also an opportunity for the public to ask questions of our elected representatives (councillors) and all questions, issues, discussions and decisions are minuted as part of the democratic process.

Dates of future Marple Area Committee meetings:

Wednesday 11 December 2013
Wednesday 5 February 2014
Wednesday 12 March 2014
Wednesday 16 April 2014 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Civic Voice AGM and Convention 2013

The 2013 Civic Voice and converntion was held in Liverpool this year on the 25th and 26th October hosted by Merseyside Civic Society. Arthur Procter and Alan and Gillian Postill represented Marple Civic Society.

Day one started with guided tours around the city followed by a civic reception in the magnificent Liverpool Town Hall.

Civic Voice President Griff Rhys Jones
The AGM proper, on day two, again held in the town hall, included an inspirational keynote speech by Civic Voice President Griff Rhys Jones. Griff emphasised the need for Civic Voice to become a true 'movement' to represent the many people who want to be part of something that can make their community better. He went on to say that whilst accepting the need to get the eonomy moving the myriad of proposals coming forward from government are clearly not the answer - they are creating scepticism and uncertainty, not confidence.

Neighbourhood Planning workshop
Also debated were planning laws, future campaigns for the movement and the preparation of a Civic Voice 'manifesto'.

Workshops were held including 'Neighbourhood Planning" which MCS representatives chose to attend to help inform our forthcoming sub group meeting set up to examine Localism /Community Rights legislation and what it means for Marple.

New chair of trustees, Freddie Gick, was voted in replacing Paula Ridley who stands down after three years in the post. Freddie paid a warm tribute to Paula who has overseen the growth of Civic Voice  to a position where it represents approaching 300 civic societies with 75,000 members.

Photos by Arthur Procter - see more photos here

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Final Stages of the Marple Local Listing Process

Photos by Arthur Procter
The social meeting held last Thursday was an enjoyable occasion and an excellent opportunity to chat with members, some old and several new who were attending  for the first time.  

Paul Hartley, Conservation Manager at Stockport MBC, steered us briefly through the Local Listing Process and then treated us to a presentation of beautiful photos of buildings and structures, throughout Marple North and South wards, that will be locally listed very soon.

Paul Hartley - Conservation Manager - Stockport MBC
Local Listing is important to confer a degree of protection on heritage buildings and structures that do not fulfill the criteria for statutory listing but nevertheless  are important locally to Marple.

The list is now due to go before the councillors and the Executive Member for a final decision. Once owners have been notified that their property is on the local list it will be emailed to local groups, many of which put nominations forward, and then posted on our website.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Donation from Marple Carnival Committee 2013

 Marple Civic Society was one of many charities to received a donation of £100 from the Marple Carnival Committee 2013.

The carnival is an annual event which dates back to 1962. Held on the third Saturday of June each year it is always a colourful, musical, happy family event. This year was no exception and, for once, the sun shone bringing people out in droves.

The carnival committee is run entirely by volunteers. If you have any spare time they would love to hear from you as several members are  retiring this year.

Marple Lime Kilns - Heritage at Risk

Marple Lime Kilns have been identified by English Heritage as a scheduled monument 'at risk' and reported by the Independent Newspaper as being 'in need of attention' (See here)

Following a recent visit to Marple and Mellor from the English Heritage, Heritage at Risk team, the Lime Kilns were added to the Heritage at Risk register (See here for full story).

The plight of Marple Lime Kilns was highlighted in the Society's "Vision for Marple" in 2010 and subsequently included in the HLF bid "Revealing Oldknow's Legacy". The Lime Kilns are inextricably linked to Marple's history. Limestone arrived by canal boat from Dove Holes and was burnt in the kilns using coal obtained from the site. Lime was used locally for building and agricultural purposes or returned to the canal to be transported elsewhere by boat.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Civic Society Social Evening 10th October 2013

    Annual Social Evening - Local Listing Project
         To be help on 10th October 2013 in Marple Library at 7.30pm

Paul Hartley, Conservation Manager from Stockport MBC, will give an informal presentation about the Marple Local Listing Project. The project is in the final stages so it is an opportunity to see which buildings and structures have been included and to learn more about Local Listing and its importance to our built environment and heritage. 

There are many buildings and structures that reflect Marple's history and heritage that do not fulfill the criteria for statutory listing.  Local listing is one way of providing some protection for these buildings.

          Peel Terrace
Historic Interest/Group Value

Photo to the right shows Peel Terrace c. 1904 with Goyt Mill under construction in the background.
Peel Terrace is named after Rober Peel.

Photo below shows Peel Terrace as it is today.

     Do join us if you can for what promises to be 
         an interesting and informative evening   

Wine, soft drinks and nibbles will be served 
You will be most welcome

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lobbying Bill

The government has introduced a bill before Parliament to regulate lobbying by interest groups including charities.

Whilst some see a need to regulate lobbying by powerful interest groups, many in the charity sector, including the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and Civic Voice feel that the bill is unclear and may restrict campaigning by charities and other voluntary organisations - something the government tell us is not their intention.  NCVO is lobbying hard to modify the bill so that charities are not caught up in the new lobbying rules

Marple Civic Society has written to our MP Andrew Stunell to alert him to our concerns and asking that he take them into account in the forthcoming debate in Parliament.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Marple Area Committee Report 25th September 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting on the 25th September 2013 can be viewed here

For past reports see 'Marple Area Committee Reports' under NEWS ITEMS

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes 24th September 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes for 24th September 2013 can be viewed here

Monday, 16 September 2013

ASDA - the final chapter

Asda  has signed a contractual release agreement to formally part company with CAMSFC over the sale of the Hibbert Lane college site. 

The college now intend to appoint a planning consultant to pursue an outline planning application for the sale of the site for housing development. The proceeds from the sale will be used to develop the Buxton Lane site.

The Civic Society has acted as banker for MiA throughout its campaign to oppose a supermarket on the Hibbert Lane College site. Now that has been acheived MiA has announced that it will cease activity and its remaining cash of £465.05 be distributed to local charities.
You can vote for which society you would like to receive the monies by visiting:

View the final MiA newsletter here

Monday, 26 August 2013

Archive Document Lists Added to Website

The society has a collection of books, maps, pamphlets, society minutes and other documents that it would like to make available for research or general interest.

The first stage was to sort and catalogue what documents we have.  This work has progressed sufficiently for us to publish an online list of our books, maps and a small selection of the other documents in our archive (See under Book & Document Archive).

More will be added shortly, in the meantime please contact the society if you wish to inspect or borrow any of the material listed.

Examples of documents listed on the website:

- Civic Society minutes from 
  November 1965

- Peak Forest Canal Society 
  Newsletter Number 13 - 1966

- Marple Urban District Official 
  Guide from 1969

Monday, 19 August 2013

"Revealing Oldknow's Legacy" - HLF Officers visit Bid Sites

On Friday 16th August,  members of "Revealing Oldknow's Legacy" HLF bid  Management Board welcomed a member of the HLF Committee, Virginia Tandy and HLF Project Officer, Nick Herepath to tour the three sites of the HLF  project prior to determination of the bid in September.

We now wait with cautious optimism to see if the HLF bid has been successful. 

In the meantime, a Mellor Mill "Fact & Fun" Heritage Day has been arranged on Sunday 8th September. There will be tours of the latest excavations with talks, videos and entertainment for all the family.  For more details see here.

The Lime Kilns  

A Scheduled Monument threatened by vegetation

The Peak Forest Canal and Mellor Mill Site

A conducted Tour by 'Samuel Oldknow'
Photographs by Arthur Procter

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Planning Policy - Change of Use Consultation

The government have announced a consultation to relax planning rules to make change of use easier.  This means, for example, to permit empty retail units or existing buildings used for agricultural purposes to change to residential use.  There are several other areas in
                     which the government would like to see relaxation in the planning rules.

Civic Voice has campaigned against the relaxation of the planning system since the Government came to power.  Whilst accepting the need to drive the economy forward and that the country has a significant challenge in solving the housing crisis it does not accept that the proposals tackle the issues sufficient to warrant the proposed dilution of local influence.

Civic Voice has published a briefing document (see here) and is asking for feeback before 1st October.

Marple Civic Society is a member and supporter of Civic Voice and will respond to their consulation. If you have any comments that you would like us to take into account in our response to the consultation please email us, by Monday 16th September 2013

Friday, 9 August 2013

Chadwick Street Foodstore Progress Report

At the Marple Area Committee Meeting of 10th July 2013 Marple Civic Society requested a progress report on the proposal for a foodstore on the site of Chadwick Street car park.  

At the Marple Area Committee Meeting of 7th August 2013 Committee Chairman Cllr. Martin Candler made a statement that included the following information:

Kirkland Developments were granted planning permission for a food store on the site of Chadwick Street car park in March 2013.  They now have 3 years to implement their proposal.

The council is in active discussion with Kirkland about several aspects of the proposal.

Discussions are ongoing with Royal Mail about their relocation to another sorting office facility.  The recently announced privatisation of the Royal Mail may influence their view on the facilities they need.

ASDA have until 1st September 2013 to make further representations (appeal) regarding the CMSFC Hibbert Lane site.  It may be that a retail user for the Chadwick Street site will not come forward until after the 1st September 2013 deadline.

The college is bringing forward proposals for housing on their Hibbert Lane site and a decision on an application is expected in due course.

Marple Area Comittee Report 7th August 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee meeting on the 7th August 2013 can be viewed here

For past reports see 'Marple Area Committee Reports' under NEWS ITEMS

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes 30th July 2013

A committee meeting followed by a speaker meeting was held in Marple Library on 30th July 2013. Unfortunately our speaker, Harry Smith, was unable to attend. However Andy Tinsey presented a summary of Harry's report on his study of supermarkets.

A discussion followed on the Chadwick Street car park foodstore development and its wider impact on Marple town.  Those present were not aware of the planned traffic management scheme and like others we have spoken to did not approve of it and supported the society's view that an independent public realm study should be carried out.  This is an opportunity to make Marple not just a car friendly town but a people friendly town, too.

Photo by Arthur Procter

      Committee Meeting Minutes  for 30th July 2013
                          can be viewed here

Friday, 26 July 2013

Speaker Meeting Tuesday 30th July 2013

The Society has arranged the following speaker meeting for society members and members of the public:
 Speaker meeting - Tuesday 30th July 2013  - 4.00pm - 5.00pm
                    in Marple Library Upstairs Meeting Room - lift available

                     Harry Smith, local resident and student, will present his report and findings
                     from his Supermarket Study                          

                    There is no charge for this meeting and everyone is welcome 
                                        join us for refreshments at 3.40pm

Marple Area Committee Report 10th July 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee meeting on the 10th July 2013 can be viewed here

For past reports see 'Marple Area Committee Reports' under NEWS ITEMS

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Newsletter July 2013 - Edition 4

The society's July 2013 newsletter is now available.

See front page below with newsletter contents listed

                          You can view the fulll newsletter here

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

National Civic Day 2013

The Society celebrated National Civic Day on the 22nd June by conducting the Civic Day Survey in Marple shopping centre, canvassing support for our campaign for an independent public realm study into traffic and pedestrian flow as part of the new Chadwick Street foodstore project and tested public opinion on our proposal for a Heritage Lottery funded project to mark the 100th anniversary next year of the start of WW1.  The survey results will be analysed and published here (alonside the national Civic Voice results) within the next few weeks.

Photo by Arthur Procter
We continued our Civic Day theme at the Marple Locks Heritage Society Festival on 30th June. We had an enjoyable and successful day speaking to lots of people and recruiting several new members.

Details of the Civicwatch survey and questionnaire can be found here

Friday, 21 June 2013

National Civic Day - Marple Civic Society Events

This year the Civic Society will be in the Marple shopping precinct between 10-30am and 2-00pm on the 22nd June carrying out the National CivicWatch Survey. 

This year we have extended the survey to include two further questions on the theme of "what do you want for Marple?"

- one is about on our proposal to bid for HLF funds to carry out a project to mark the start of   World war 1,

- the second is about our campaign to include an independent study into traffic and pedestrian management in Marple centre as part of the new foodstore development on Chadwick Street car park.

We will also be taking part in the Marple Locks Heritage Society's festival in the Memorial Park on the 30th June to continue the Civic Day surveys.

Do come along and join us and to give us your views on these or any other issues for Marple.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Secretary of State Launches National Civic Day 2013

National Civic Day 2013 was officially launched on 10th June by Secretary of State Eric Pickles MP at a reception held at the House of Commons.
Marple Civic Society was one of eight Civic Society's from across the country invited to attend the event. The Society was represented by Gillian Postill, Alan Postill, Arthur Procter and the Society's patron Andrew Stunell MP.

Launching the event, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP said "Civic Day is a great time to take pride in our local communities and the neighbourhoods we love. Enthusiastic and enterprising people, like those involved in civic societies, are the backbone of those communities.”

Read our press release here
 Patron Andrew Stunell MP,
 Civic Voice Chair  Paula Ridley,
 co-ordinator Ian Harvey and
    Gillian and Alan Postill from
Marple Civic Sociey
Read Eric Pickles speech here 
Read the Civic Voice report on the event here

Photos by Arthur Procter

“Civic Day 2013 is our opportunity to shout about what Marple Civic Society does. We’ve put on two events this year to celebrate Civic Day. We hope many of you will visit our stall in Marple on the 22nd June and at the Locks Heritage Festival on the 30th June.