Thursday, 29 November 2012

Committee Meeting Minutes 27 November 2012

Committee Meeting Minutes for 27th November 2012 can be viewed Here

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ASDA Planning Application

We have had several requests from members and friends asking how best to respond to the news of the application.  The council has not yet validated the application so the consultation period has not started.  Once the consultation has started we will advise how to respond.

In the meantime make sure our six local councillors know your views by writing, emailing, phoning, attending a councillor surgery or any combination of these.  Please let the Civic Society know the response you receive.  

Monday, 26 November 2012

Asda Planning Application

We understand that Asda handed a planning application to Stockport MBC on 23rd November 2012 in respect of the CAMSFC 6th Form College site on Hibbert Lane in Marple.

The application is now awaiting validation by Stockport Council to ensure that all the information required by them is contained in the application. This will be followed by a 21 day public consultation period which will include:
  • Notification of neighbours in adjacent properties
  • Notification in the local press
  • Site notices posted in the area
During the 21 day period, the public will have an opportunity to respond. At the close of the consultation period Stockport council officers will prepare a report, including recommendations, for the Marple Area Committee to consider. The report will take account of of responses received during the consultation period. The application will then go for determination to the Planning and Highways committee where the planning application will be either granted or refused.

Marple Civic Society is opposed to this planning application which, in our view, is contrary to local and national planning policy.

Monday, 19 November 2012

"Pride in Marple" Awards

Arthur Procter
Volunteer of the Year
Highly Commended

Two members of the Civic Society recently received a "Pride in Marple" award.  We are delighted that both Arthur Procter and Alan Proctor have been recognised for the incredible voluntary work they do for Marple Community.

The Awards Ceremony gave local councillors the opportunity to recognise and thank local volunteers for their hard work. They had the difficult task of choosing just 14 people out of the many nominations they received.
Alan Proctor
Environment Champion
Highly Commended


 Photos by Mike Frisbee
More photos Here:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Government Support for Street Pride

This year's annual CPRE lecture was given by Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State at the Department for Transport.  His talk covered road sign Clutter and the importance of removing it or, better still, not putting it there in the first place!  A Daily Telegraph report on his speech can be seen here:

We have written to Mr McLoughlin to welcome his message on the importance of removing street clutter and to tell him of our experience here in Marple.

So far our experience has not been good.  At a Street pride workshop two years ago we identified over 90 items of street clutter.  So far council officers have looked at seven of them and removed three.  We have recently been told that "most of the signs are required".  How they know this without looking at them is a mystery!

Just a few reminders of our
2010 Street Pride Campaign

Meeting with Kirkland Developments re: Foodstore on Chadwick Street Car Park

Six representatives from Marple Civic Society recently met with Kirkland Developments Ltd to discuss their proposals for a foodstore on Chadwick Street car park.  Kirkland was represented by Rod Hogarth (MD), Mark Thomas (Lexington Communications) and Ian Fitton (Fairhurst Consulting Engineers).

Civic Society Position

In principle, Marple Civic Society supports retail development within the District Centre.  This is reflected in the society's positive response to the Stockport MBC Core Strategy and Allocations DPD consultations as part of the Local Development Framework.
Chadwick Street car park is the last site within the Marple District Centre available for substantial development and therefore represents the last opportunity to take a holistic approach and to look at the wider picture of how Marple functions.  It is an opportunity to look at how Marple works as a town centre, how pedestrians and vehicles move about the town and the effect of Stockport Road on the town.  It is important that the proposed development facilitates access and links to the wider retail offer, encourages access to the town's civic amenities and facilities and facilitates opportunity for civic exchange.  These are the hallmarks of modern well functioning towns and living streets.  

Civic Society Concerns

Marple Civic Society expressed concerns about the likely substantial increase in traffic, car parking, impact on houses on Chadwick Street, Walmsley and Chapel Courts and the impact of delivery vehicles. 

Kirkland Response

For Kirkland, Mr Hogarth replied that the development proposed to take advantage of the sloping site to minimise the impact of the scheme by building into the slope so that car parking on the roof of the building would be on a level with Chadwick Street.  The main entrance would face onto Trinity Street and the Market Street shopping area.  The car park would be open 24 hours with 2 hours free parking during the foodstore's hours of business.  Mr Hogarth said that they are aware of the potential traffic problem and are in discussion with SMBC who have asked for a detailed traffic census and impact assessment, a copy of which he promised to let us have when completed.

Mr Hogarth made it clear that if the ASDA/CAMSFC  proposal on Hibbert Lane were to be approved the Kirkland proposal would not proceed.

Details of the proposal can be seen on the dedicated Kirkland website:

Kirkland's press release following their public consultation can be seen here:

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Civic Society Social Evening

The Civic Society recently held its Annual Members Social Evening. It was an opportunity to meet and chat with our members in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere.

First to address the meeting was Steve Graham, Director of Civic Voice. Steve joined Civic Voice six months ago and is meeting as many civic societies as possible around the country.
Click to enlarge image of Mellor Mill
Mellor Mill

We were then treated to a fascinating talk by Ann Hearle from Mellor Archaeological Trust entitled  "From a Ditch in a Field to a Pit in a Wood." Her talk covered the twelve years of archaeological investigations in Mellor, investigations at Shaw Cairn on Mellor Moor and the current work taking place at the site of Mellor Mill at the Roman Lakes.

Click to enlarge image of Shaw Cairn
Shaw Cairn

Visit Mellor Archaeological Trust Website
for further information and photos 
Click to enlarge image of Mellor Pot
The Mellor Pot