Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Stockport MBC Car Parking Charges

Stockport MBC are proposing to increase parking charges throughout the borough, including the currently free car parks on Brabyn's Brow, as a way of increasing revenue.

Following representations from many interested parties, incluing ther Civic Society, SMBC officers called a meeting on 10th January 2018 to discuss the implications of the proposed increases.  See Civic Society notes on the meeting HERE

The meeting was attended by Conservative and Lib Dem Councillors, a market trader and two members of the Civic Society.

There was not sufficient time to discuss alternatives solutions either for Marple or the other District Centres. However a strong case was made against the current proposal which the officer agreed to take back to the council cabinet.

Cllr Allan, who was at the meeting, has suggested that a working party be set up to look at options for an alternative plan.  The Civic Society will support this proposal.