Monday, 20 August 2018

Marple Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Marple Neighbourhood Plan is out for Public Consultation

Since Marple Neighbourhood Forum was formed in April 2016 its members have been working hard on the development of a plan for Marple. "Our Marple Plan" is now at the stage where it is ready for Public Consultation and the Forum needs as many local people as possible to get involved by reading and commenting on the draft plan.

The draft document identifies a wide range of issues that the Forum thinks should be covered in the Plan but there are six key issues that seem to be most critical and these are prioritised in the public consultation survey:

Six key issues for Marple:
- Do we want another supermarket in Marple, and if so, what sort?
- What about pedestrian access across Stockport Road and traffic in general?
- Are we doing enough to promote our natural and built heritage, including for tourism?
- Do we want to create new, high quality facilities in Memorial Park?
- Should we prioritise the opportunities for community hubs around our two stations?
- What should we do about Goyt Mill and what are our options for residential or industrial use?

How Marple People can get involved:
The draft Marple Neighbourhood Plan is available to read via this link
Please take the time to read the plan, then complete the survey and submit your comments

The on-line Marple Neighbourhood Plan survey is available via this link
There is an opportunity to make comments at the end of the survey but if you would like to go into more detail with your response please email further comments to:

The  Marple Neighbourhood Forum's AGM is at 10am on Saturday 15th September at the United Reformed Church on Hibbert Lane. Everyone is welcome. There is no need to book, just turn up.

Marple Neighbourhood Plan

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Marple Area Committee Meeting 8th August 2018

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting that took place on 8th August 2018 can be viewed HERE

Future Marple Area Committee Dates

26th September 2018
7th November 2018
12th December 2018
30th January 2019
6th March 2019
10th April 2019