Friday, 20 December 2013

Season's Greetings

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Chadwick Street Development Update

Further to the public questions asked at the Area Committee on 11th December 2013 concerning the Chadwick Street development, the Corporate Director for Place Management and Regeneration has provided a response and confirms that:

  • It is not possible to say when the development is planned to start. For this to be possible an end user will need to be contracted and for this to be possible, the relocation of the Royal Mail will need to be agreed. This remains the subject of detailed negotiations.
  • In respect to the request that any negotiations on the sale of the Chadwick Street site be concluded as quickly as possible - it is the intention for a report to be submitted to the council's Executive in February.
  • Serious consideration will be given to the future of Marple town centre in all negotiations.
  • In respect to the request that the long term importance of the site to Marple will be weighed against a short term financial gain to the Council - it is not a question of short term financial gain to the Council, the key issue is the optimum means of delivering the site.
  • In response to the suggestion that a proactive Town Centre First policy which has been applied so far in Marple should be maintained - the answer is yes. That is the council's adopted planning policy (as well as national policy) and there is no question of changing it.
The Civic Society supported the planning application for the Chadwick Street Development as a means of regenerating Marple provided that wider public realm and traffic management issues are addressed by an independant study as part of the scheme, to make Marple not just a car friendly place but a people friendly place too. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Marple Area Committee Report 11th December 2013

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting on 11th December 2013 can be viewed here

Questions were asked by the Civic Society and by David Hoyle about progress with the proposed foodstore on the site of Chadwick street car park.  The full text of the Civic Society's question can be viewed here and our report of the response here

A member of the Civic Society attends the monthly Marple Area Committee meetings where issues relating to Marple are discussed and important decisions are made.

There is also an opportunity for the public to ask questions of our elected representatives (councillors) and all questions, issues, discussions and decisions are minuted as part of the democratic process.

For past reports see "Marple Area Committee Reports" under NEWS ITEMS

Dates of future Marple Area Committee meetings:

Wednesday 5 February 2014
Wednesday 12 March 2014
Wednesday 16 April 2014 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes 26th November 2013

Committee Meeting Minutes for 26th November 2013 can be viewed here