Tuesday, 27 March 2018

AGM and Speaker Meeting Tuesday 20th March 2018

The society's 56th AGM took place on Tuesday 20th March 2018 in Marple Library.

Chairman Gillian Postill reported another busy year.  Her report focussed on planning matters including the society's response to the consultations on the National Planning Policy Framework (done through the national body for the civic movement, Civic Voice), the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework (GMSF), the Stockport East Multi Modal Study (SEMMMS) and Stockport's own Local Plan.  Finally she mentioned Marple's Neighbourhood Plan to which the society is an affiliated member working on town centre issues. She went on to announce the forthcoming planning workshops the society is organising in May and July this year.

Treasurer Gordon Johnson reported that the society is in a sound financial position showing a small financial surplus. On behalf of the membership secretary he reported a stable membership of 350 at year end.

The business meeting was followed by a very interesting talk from Paul Hartley, Conservation Officer for Stockport MBC about how conservation can benefit Marple.

Full minutes of the AGM can be seen HERE

The society'a accounts for the year ending 31st December 2017 can be seen HERE

The chairman's report can be seen HERE

All photos Arthur Procter - more photos HERE

Friday, 16 March 2018

AGM and Speaker Meeting 2018

We hope you will join us for the society's 56th AGM and speaker meeting this Tuesday 20th March 2018 in Marple Library.

AGM and Speaker Meeting
Tuesday 20th March at 3.00pm - 5.00pm
in Marple Library
Refreshments served from 2.40pm

Members wishing to stand for committee or to nominate another member can obtain nomination forms by contacting Gillian Postill:
email:  mail@marplecivicsociety.org.uk

Light refreshments will be served from 2.40pm prior to the business meeting at 3-00pm

Our speaker is Paul Hartley from Stockport MBC who will speak about conservation and how it might help us better care for Marple.

We hope to see you at the meeting - family, friends and neighbours are welcome too (N.B. only members can vote for election of officers and committee members).

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Marple Town Centre Regeneration Scheme

In response to a wholly unsatisfactory traffic scheme by Stockport Council in 2013 the civic society arranged an alternative community town study in 2015 by Phil Jones Associates. You can view the study HERE

Workshops & Phil Jones Associates Study of Marple
A Neighbourhood Plan Forum was then set up to take forward positive regeneration of Marple Town Centre and address other planning issues in Marple - a Neighbourhood Plan is a means of local people being more involved in shaping where they live.

The civic society is an affiliated community group on the Neighbourhood Forum and is a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Town Team.

It has been a tortuous route to get to where we are.
You can view the summary timeline HERE

The council recently commissioned Atkins, their consultants, to carry out another Marple town centre study/traffic count. The council's traffic engineers still harbour desires to widen the junction at Hollins Lane including a two stage pedestrian crossing and converting the roundabout at Littlewood's butchers into a traffic lighted junction, reminiscent of their scheme in 2013.

Marple deserves better, much better. Through the Neighbourhood Plan we will continue to work with the Phil Jones Associates Study for the positive regeneration of Marple. This approach would unite Marple and turn it into a people friendly town rather than a congested, traffic dominated one.
Stockport Council's Vision for Marple - 2013 scheme - see HERE

2008 - The Hollins junction came under threat for the first time

2013 - The council's 2nd attempt to widen the Hollins  with the addition of traffic lights to replace the roundabout at Littlewoods butchers

2018 - These junctions are threatened again following the SMBC Atkin's transport study:
-  Hollins Lane/Stockport Road
-  Hibbert Lane/Stockport Road
-  Church Ln/Hibbert Ln 
-  Stockport Road/Station Road/Cross Lane

An alternative Vision - this is how Marple could look
Artists impression - view west along Stockport Road towards Hollins Lane

This sort of approach would unite the town centre which is currently 'divided' by the barrier effect of Stockport Road and : 
   - help to reduce traffic congestion 
   - create a people-friendly town and reduce the dominance of traffic
   - ensure all shops are easily accessible on foot from one shop to another
   - provide easy access to community facilities and civic amenities
   - ensure the town is safe, convenient and pleasant for everyone, whether on foot,                      cycle, bus or car
   - reconcile traffic movements with quality public spaces in the town centre

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Marple Area Committee Meeting 7th March 2018

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting that took place on 7th March 2018 can be viewed HERE

Items of note this month include the unanimous refusal by councillors (supported by many residents) of a report by the council's traffic engineers proposing traffic calming measures (more speed humps) on Hibbert lane and the abandoment of proposals for a cycle lane on the A6 in High Lane.

Future Marple Area Committee Dates

18th April 2018
6th June 2018
11th July 2018
8th August 2018
26th September 2018
7th November 2018
12th December 2018
30th January 2019
6th March 2019
10th April 2019

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Garden House Planning Application DC/068083

The Society's planning team has sent a response to SMBC Planning Department to recommend refusal of planning application DC/068083, a retrospective application for change of use to a mixed use consisting of an urban farm and education facility together with retention of associated buildings, structures and parking area (retrospective).

To view the application document see HERE

To view the society's response see HERE

To view the society's responses to previous planning applications at the Garden House:

See HERE and HERE for DC/057081

See HERE for DC/059185

See HERE for a general statement of the society's position

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Car Parking Charges in Marple (SMBC Car Parks)

The council is to raise car parking charges in Marple (and other District Centres in Stockport) by 10p on the first three charges (20p, 40p, 60p) so that the charges in Marple will become 30p, 50p, 70p, 80p, £1 etc. On street free parking for one hour will remain unchanged.  The two car parks on Brabyn's Brow will continue as free car parks for the forseeable future.

The council originally proposed a charge of 50p for the first 2 hours and an increase of 10p thereafter and charging on the two car parks on Brabyn's Brow.

Following representations from interested parties, including the Civic Society, the council called a meeting on 10th January 2018 to discuss the implications of the proposed increase.  The civic society objected on the grounds of cost, town viability/ frequent return visits (ie 50p to pick up an newspaper !!) and convenience.  The civic society's notes on the meeting can be seen  HERE

Whilst not perfect, the council's decision preserves the free parking on Brabyn's Brow car parks and a relatively modest price increase.