Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Marple Area Committee Meeting 18th April 2018

A report on the Marple Area Committee Meeting that took place on 18th April 2018 can be viewed HERE

Future Marple Area Committee Dates
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Monday, 23 April 2018

Marple Wharf: Canal & River Trust's Developers criticise the civic society's response to their dense housing scheme at Marple Wharf

Canal & River Trust's (CRT) Developer, H20 Urban, has critised the society's response to their Planning Application for Marple Wharf. The society has objected again to the planning application and recommended refusal. View our latest response HERE - we now need you to respond (even if you responded                           to the original application)

Marple wharf
In response to our objections, H20 has sent further comments to the council's Planning Department with minimal amendments in the hope of getting the application through planning. But every time they attempt to solve one problem they create another - quite simply, the scheme represents over development of a small but highly important heritage site that is precious to the people of Marple.

H20 criticised our comments about:

- The Heritage -  they argue we have exagerated the harm to the heritage and that there is       no need to consider any public access to it

- Permitted distances between existing surrounding houses and their proposed new houses   they argue that flouting Stockport Council's required distances is 'ok in this case'

- Refuse bins - they argue that residents walking up to 50m (53 yards) to dump their rubbish      in communal skips is ok

We have lost count over the last 9 years of the number of times CRT said they would submit an application and somehow suggested the community was holding it up. This application was submitted last year and due to be decided in October 2017 - we are still waiting - the current estimate is that it will be decided in June at Marple Area Committee, but only if they feel confident it will be recommended for approval by the planning officer.

It is important that this application is judged by our councillors, those who represent us, know the community's views and understand the importance of the site to Marple's heritage. It is also important that the Local Authority (Stockport Council) know the people's views because this is a consideration taken  into account by officers when assessing the application and making a recommendation to our councillors (who should decide if planning permission is granted or refused).

If you value Marple Wharf remember: Public opinion really matters
if you have responded once - please consider responding again
if you've not yet responded - respond now - your response could rescue Marple Wharf

Link to Planning Application - see HERE

Feel free to use the society's responses to help you write your own response - in your own words if you can - it isn't too late to respond (even though the statutory consultation date has passed)

Be sure to state that your response is to planning applications: DC/067000 & DC/067001

Send your response to:
- by email: planning.dc@stockport.gov.uk
- by post: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council 
   Growth - Development - (Planning Application Response)
   Stopford House, Piccadily, Stockport, SK1 3XE

See the society's latest response HERE
See the society's original response HERE

CRT/H20 comments in response to the society's 1st letter of objection:
Re: Heritage Issues: CRT/H20 comments see HERE
Re: Refuse Strategy: CRT/H20 comments see HERE
Re: Separation distances: CRT/H2O comments see HERE