Past Projects

Dec 2015      St Martins Xmas Tree Festival - Tree adorned with hand made decorations by Kathryn Procter
Oct   2015     Chairman Gillian Postill receives March Civic Volunteer Award 2015
Oct   2015     Attended Civic Voice AGM in Bristol
Sept 2015     Mellor Mill painting to SMBC on long term loan - for public display in Staircase House Museum  
Sept 2015     The society arranged an open public meeting with ASDA representatives
June 2015     Further negotiations with  Canal & River Trust re Marple Wharf
July 2015      Participation in Marple 150 and Marple Locks Heritage Festivals
June 2015    Representation to DCLG for Right of Appeal for nominating body of Assets of Community Value
June 2015    Heritage Walk of Marple for Bollington Civic Society - Lead by society member Judith Wilshaw
2015             2 Events-Lime Kilns Discovery Day & Archaeological Dig - Revealing Oldknow's Legacy project
Jan 2015      The Society's chairman visits No 10 Downing Street and meets the Prime Minister
2015             Investigation into the feasibility of a Neighbourhood Plan for MArple
Jan 2015      Project with SMBC HLF heritage trainees - Oral history with Society President Angus Yeaman
Jan 2015      Project with SMBC HLF heritage trainees - sort, collate & preserve society archive documents
2015             Four public speaker meetings held throught the year
2015              Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

Dec 2014      Group of members invited to annual audit meeting
Dec 2014      WW1 project with Marple Hall School - Students interview member Selma Fielding
Oct 2014       Attended Civic Voice AGM in Canterbury  
Oct 2014       Received Civic Day Award for 'Outstanding Partnership Working'
June 2014     DCLG offer support for a Marple Neighbourhood Plan
June 2014     Celebrated National Civic Day at Marple Carnival by nominating 32 Assets of Community Value
May 2014      Planning Minister Nick Boles visited Marple Civic Society to discuss town Centre Regeneration
May 2014      Attended Hawk Green Residents Association May Day Festival
April 2014      Attended Civic Voice event - Central Hall Westminster - Sandys Lecture & Launch of CV book 
April 2014      Launched community project to List Assets of Community Value in Marple area
April 2014      Supported M.E.S.S. in planting 150 native trees in Marple
April 2014      Rec'd £100 donation from Nationwide Scheme - for Assets of Community Value project
Mar 2014       Supported the 'Revealing Oldknow's Legacy' project at the Manchester Histories Festival  
Mar 2014       Original Painting - Mellor Mill by Joseph Parry donated by member Barbara Sexton to MCS            
2014              Four public speaker meeting arranged throughout the year
2014               Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

2013              Attended SMBC Heritage Forums
Oct 2013       Attended Civic Voice AGM in Liverpool
Oct 2013       Completed Local Listing community project in partnership with SMBC - approx 100 listings
June 2013     Society's archived documents catalogued and made available to the public through the website
June 2013     Participated in National Civic Day and Marple Locks Heritage Society Festival
June 2013     Attended National Civic Day Launch by Secretary of State for DCLG at the House of Commons
Feb 2013       Marple Canals Client Based Project - Liverpool University - Canal & River Trust
Feb 2013       Marple Wharf Client Based project with The University of Manchester
2013              Represented on the Management Board for the Revealing Oldknow's Legacy Attended 
2013              Four public speaker meetings held throughout the year
2013              Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

Oct 2012       Organised a community PlaceCheck of the town with Civic Voice & Urban Design Skills
Oct 2012       Attended Civic Voice AGM in Coventry
Oct 2012       Received Civic Day Award for  'Innovative Community Engagement'
Aug 2012      Marple Wharf Campaign selected for a Case Study for 'Protect Our Place' Research Project
June 2012     Participated in National Civic Day - Civic Watch and 'Questiontime' open forum meeting
June 2012     Visit from Whitehall Localism Team to discuss how Localism is working for Marple
May 2012      Marple Spring Clean Workshop - All Saints Conservation Area
April 2012      Successful listing of Toll House on 'Buildings at Risk' Register - Save Britain's Heritage
March 2012   £500 donation to Friends of Memorial Park for the creation of the Queen's Jubilee Garden
Mar 2012       Supported Business Forum to make a Mary Portas Pilot bid to regenerate the Town Centre
Feb 2012       Series of 3 workshops to develop plan for Marple Wharf funded by Dept of CLGFeb 2012      Feb 2012       "Vision for Marple" - Presentation to Marple Area Committee
Jan 2012       New website launched Jan 2012      
Jan 2012       Removal of street clutter items identified in Street Pride workshop
2012              Four public speaker meetings held throughout the year
2012             Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

Oct 2011       Marsh Award 2011 - Highly Commended awarded for ‘Vision for Marple’ Project
Oct 2011       Attended Civic Voice AGM in Sheffield
Aug 2011      Supported Marple in Action Campaign to resist a Supermarket on Hibbert Lane Campus
Aug 2011      Marple Vision Partnership steering group setup
July 2011      Attended Marble Locks Heritage Society Festival
June 2011    50th anniversary picnic in the park
June 2011    Civic Day 2011
June 2011    Refurbishment of All Saints Well
June 2011    Photo competition Marple Hall School

June 2011    Notice Board display at Marple Carnival
May 2011     Supported Friends of Marple Memorial Park to campaign against closure of public Toilets
                     in the Memorial Park.
Feb 2011      Civic Society  Library section set up in Marple Library
2011             Four public speaker meetings held throughout the year
2011             Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

Nov 2010      Street Pride workshop
Nov 2010      Pride in Marple Award – Volunteer of the Year, Highly Commended
Sept 2010     Refurbishment of public Benches - Hawk Green
2010             Stall at Marple  Carnival
Jan 2010      ' Vision of Marple' written and presented to Stockport MBC
2010             Four public speaker meetings held throughout the year
2010             Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

July 2009     Marple locks Heritage Society Festival
2009            Marple Wharf, Macclesfield Canal consultation - Representations made to British Waterways 
2009            Painting and Essay Competition at Peacefield School
2009            Four public speaker meetings held throughout the year
2009            Attended monthly Area Committee Meetings and producted notes for the public - on website

2008            Donation of Seat for Boules Court in Memorial Park
2008            Schools Painting and Essay Competition - All Saints School
2008            Chadwick Street Car Park/Hollins Precinct representations
2008            Scroll Bridge Reinstated

2007            Website established
2007            One bench seat on the green in Hawk Green

2006            One bench seat by the Lily Pond in Brabyns Park
2004            Two bench seats for Market Street Regeneration - Donated jointly with the McNair Trust
2000/1         The Society’s Millenium Project - Refurbishment of The Hollins, Stockport Road.
1998            Refurbishment of St Mary’s Well by All Saints Church
1996/7         Redundant Toilets, Town Street, Marple Bridge. Pressed for action to tidy up this site.
1995            Heritage Open Days organised at Bottoms Hall a Lockside Mill  
1995            Continuing efforts being made to reinstate the Scroll Bridge with representations to British Heritage
1994            A second picnic table in Arkwright Road Recreation Ground donated jointly with the McNair Trust
1993            Photographic Exhibition ‘Old Marple Today’ in Marple Library
1991            The Scroll Bridge in Brabyns Park was damaged and buried during the installation of a
                    Bailey Bridge over the Iron Bridge. Urgent representations made to Stockport for its reinstatement
1990            Oldknow 200 Festival – jointly, with the McNair Trustrees and a picnic table on the Arkwright Road 
                    Recreation Ground adjacent to the junction of Strines Road and Oldknow Road
                    Society organised a Schools Drawing and Painting Competition
                    Presentation of a childrens’ picnic table in the Marple Memorial
                    Park Play Area
1988/9         Society supported the Forum for Conservation Areas established by the Local Authority
                    Society supported and assisted Play Palaces for under 5’s organised in the school holidays
                    Society organised a Schools Essay Competition
1987            30th anniversary of formation of the Civic Trust.
                    Talks by the President, Mr Jack Brady, given to schools.
1986            Replacement of George Hey Seat – removed by vandals
1985            ‘Top Lock to Bottoms Hall’ trail leaflet No 2 published
1984            Seat installed by the canal off Strines Road in memory of George Hey, President of Society.
1979            Commemorative Plaque at site of Marple Hall
                    Lime Kiln Farm Buildings – Site tidied
                    ‘Top Lock to Aqueduct’ trail leaflet No 1 published
1978            Brabyns Park Interest Trail display notice - Subsequently damaged and removed
1975            Church Street Cottages – Supported their conservation
1967/8         Canal Bank improvement at Possett Bridge Opened by H.M.The Queen
196?            Marple Civic Society set up