Saturday, 26 May 2018

24 hour defibrillator installed in Marple at the Regent Cinema

We are delighted that a 24 hour defibrillator connected to the ambulance service is now in situ on the front wall of the Regent Cinema on Stockport Road in the centre of Marple. It comes with full instructions for use and the phone number of the ambulance service. 

The use of a defibrillator in the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest increases the survival rate and every second and minute matters. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) analyses the patients heart rhythm and determines if a shock from the defibirillator is required - if it isn't, the AED will not shock the patient. So it can be used safely by non medical people. However, training will be organised very soon for community workers and residents and we will let you know when we have details.

After successfully installing a life-saving defibrillator in Marple Bridge and Compstall, Phil Cooke, Chairman of Marple Bridge Association (MBA), turned his attention to Marple. He approached Marple Civic Society who made a successful bid to Marple Area Committee for £1000 towards the £2000 funding needed to install a defibrillator in Marple. The civic society also pledged £200 and undertook to pay the £126 annual running costs for 5 years.

Marple's 24 hour defibrillator - Regent Cinema
 thanks to electrician Mike Beese for installation support
Finding a suitable location wasn't easy so after protracted discussions with several local businesses and consideration of several sites from Rose Hill to Possett Bridge we were delighted when the owners of the Regent Cinema readily agreed to have the defibrillator attached to the front wall of the cinema - it is an excellent location; prominent and easily accessible in the centre of town.

Raising the funding was surprisingly quick and easy. Within a couple of days of an appeal on The Marple Website the funding was secured thanks to some very generous local people.

Here is a summary of the funding for the Town Centre Defibrillator:

Total Installation costs - £2,000
Annual Maintenance costs for 5 years - £126 x 5 = £630

Installation Costs:
Marple Area Committee Flexibility Funding    - £1,000
Marple Civic Society                                       - £200
GT Landscapes and Construction Ltd            - £100
The Marple Website                                        - £50
Stephanie Lorusso                                          - £650
                                                               Total - £2,000

Maintenance cost for 5 years:
Shop Local Club Card                                                 - £50
1st Julian Wadden Commission contribution              - £122
Balance by Marple Civic Society and Julian Wadden - £458
                                                                            Total - £630

Further details of the project and funding sources on The Marple Website - see HERE

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